U Awards 2022 Featured

MANILA, Philippines – The recently-concluded USER Experience Researchers’ Year-End Party for 2022 saw the biggest gathering of USER employees yet, and also one of the biggest U Awards recognition ceremonies. The event was held last January 6, 2023, at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City, Philippines.  

The company’s annual awards event recognises employees that best represented the company’s core pillars or principles, which are laid out in the initials of the company’s name, USER. U stands for Unity, S for Service, E for Excellence and R for Responsibility. 

USER - Core Values

Dr Frank Qiu, in his opening remarks during the event, said a few points about what these values stand for: “Every year is very important for us to remember what we stand for. In the past years, we have gone through troubles by always becoming better. So, the question remains the same. How can I see myself becoming better?” he said. 


Unity and Service Award Recipients 

Recipients of the Unity award are notable for the way they bring about their team members together, especially in tight situations. They push for the resolution of conflicts or consolidate ideas, and help organise members for better teamwork. 

U-Awards (Unity)


The Service award is given in recognition of employees with sterling performance that allowed clients to develop trust and confidence in USER. These employees are also credited with their unfaltering dedication to improving various aspects of the company and their teams, resulting in everyone giving a better performance. 


U-Awards (Service)


Excellence and Responsibility Awardees 

Likewise, employees who displayed their proficiency in their tasks – may it be in UI/UX design, development, management, and other fields – were given the Excellence award. They are also commendable for their praiseworthy growth as individuals, able to hone their skills and achieve more, inspiring others in the process. 

U-Awards Excellence

Finally, the Responsibility award is a recognition given to USER employees who have shown utmost care in making sure deals with clients are fulfilled, as well as dutifully carrying out theirs and extending help to others. Their actions satisfied clients’ needs and helped in expanding its offers for new and current customers. 

U-Awards (Responsibility)

“Everyone put in their best effort and the USER core management wish to appreciate this initiative to help the company and themselves push further. We hope to continue this tradition of recognising and rewarding the value of our employees who not only follow but embody the company’s core principles in the future,” said Ms Christina Orge-Macatangay, USER Operations Manager. 


Standing With Principles 

In addition to the above, USER also called onto the stage and online the previous two years’ winners, from 2021 and 2020, who were not given the opportunity to be recognised onstage due to the pandemic. The winners present during the event were called to receive their trophies, while those online will receive theirs through mail, and were also mentioned live.  

During the YEP 2022 event, Dr Frank Qiu also shared his insights on how the company’s four core values create a cycle of self-improvement and his appreciation of USER team members being helpful to each other. 

“Our principles – which USER stand for – are important. Unity – like in helping each other, we can achieve great things by joining together. Service is what we do, to always do a good job; meanwhile, excellence is a loop – if you’re excellent, those around you will be inspired to become excellent as well. Lastly, responsibility: we are responsible to deliver what we promised to our clients, and in so doing shows how responsible we are to ourselves and society,” Dr Qiu says.