UI Design in the E-learning Era: 3 Factors to Consider for Your Website

From kids and teenagers to adults, everyone is now living and learning in what can be called the e-learning era. Virtual classrooms are now a norm to be found online regardless of tier or level. Since almost everyone is starting to shift their attention to different e-learning platforms, now is the perfect time to start designing for the future.

As the world slowly starts incorporating virtual interactions as an alternative for the classic face-to-face teaching set-up, having a competent UI designer in an e-learning app development team has become commonplace too.

The question one might ask right now is: are your web and mobile app designs e-learning-ready? If not, here are some things you might want to consider to make it more appealing to the general public, especially learners.


Their Attention Span is Shorter Than You Think

A study by Microsoft revealed that attention spans now average to about eight seconds – embarrassingly shorter than a goldfish, which averages nine seconds. Other studies have also indicated how attention spans vary from different people of different age groups – the younger the person is, the shorter attention they have. That’s why being able to meet this type of need is important to build an engaging and appealing design.

It’s best to see if your site’s interface is still up-to-date or not. You can choose to observe your figures too: see if your conversion rates are dipping or if your website traffic is plummeting consistently. One apparent reason that it happened is perhaps because of an outdated interface and design.

If you’ve noticed that your website or mobile app is starting to decrease in traffic, usage, engagement, or in all three, now is the best time to update. One way to do this is by contacting an iOS or Android UI designer. Your UI design should capture your audience’s attention firmly, so hiring a UI designer can be the best decision you can opt for.

Remember that nowadays, learners use the web primarily for research, and chances are, they have have already seen your website. Do learners access traffic in your website? How’s your website’s heat map with them? How long did they stay on your platform?


Their Virtual Presence Can Be Your Way to Success

Since most learners have access to and actively use the internet for academic and leisure purposes, they are easier to target. With their virtual presence, the challenge you may face now is to keep them engaged within your website or mobile app.

Of course, your UI UX design matters the most here. Other things to include in order to keep them ‘busy’ within your platforms can be increasing your app’s interactivity and making it more accessible. Having an appealing and intentional experience design, too, can show them that their needs are important.

After all, having your web and mobile app design centered on your market’s needs and interests generates more chances for conversion or create loyalty in existing users.. In doing so, the more your company will gain – improving your website and/or app’s ratings and gearing your business toward success.


Your Website Might’ve Been Lacking Functionality

Having your website or app’s UI UX design up to date isn’t the only thing you should work on – its functionality is essential as well. Functionality also increases relevance for users, as people will most likely use apps with higher functionality than those with lower functionality.

In the context of e-learning, your web and mobile app should be ready to function as expected – this includes having relevant content, and for applications, it should also include gathering and collecting necessary data and requirements from e-learners to help you learn more about their needs.

Functionality matters just as importantly as its aesthetics, so one must know that both are essential in development. Thus, having good functionality – and relevance – can certainly satisfy your customer’s user experience within your app. Remember that if your customers are having a seamless, positive user experience, this increases the chance of having newer leads and higher rates of prospect-to-client conversion (especially for applications with subscription and in-app purchase options).

In order to check whether your web and mobile app’s UI design is still up-to-date and relevant, consulting a UI UX design agency in Singapore is a great option, as Singapore is a hub for many competitive web and mobile app development agencies.



Your web and mobile app’s user interface should excel in both functionality and aesthetics. With the current education trends we have, today is certainly the perfect time for you to update you UI and of course, UX design.

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