Understanding UX and UI

Here are two terms that we often hear nowadays, UX and UI. Although they may be used together in a sentence, they are two different things. User Experience (UX) is formally defined by Don Norman, the man who came up with the term, as encompassing all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. From the definition, we can see that it covers quite a broad range of aspects, which goes beyond the visual interface. The aim of UX is therefore to enhance the whole experience that a user has with the product itself. To achieve this, various UX research methods such as focus group and usability testing are usually employed to gain a better perspective on the user’s needs and motivation.

While UX focuses on creating satisfying interaction between the user and the product or service, User Interface (UI) deals with the visual design of the screens. It is by no means less important than UX. In fact, the interface of a product is vital in delivering its substance into attractive and interactive visuals that can be appreciated by the user. UI designer in general creates tangible elements (the screens, pages, navigations, buttons and icons) that user can touch and see, which determine how a product feels and looks on the surface. Thus, the bottom line here is that despite of their differences, both UX and UI are crucial for developing a successful product.

UX and UI Jobs in Singapore

UX and UI Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is a highly developed country with numerous businesses and start-ups. People nowadays have better understanding about how good UX and UI can benefit their website, mobile app, and ultimately their business performance. As a result, UX and UI skills are on high demand.

While many companies are hiring people for the UX and UI related positions, the salary may vary a lot. One of the factors that may determine the figure is the job scope itself, as companies sometimes combine UX and UI role in one position. Another determining factor is years of experience in the field. UX and UI are not usually taught in school. Therefore, the knowledge that one picks up throughout his or her career is highly valued.

In general, people with these skills have several options in pursuing their career. First, they can work as freelance designer and join sites that allow clients to contact them. Alternatively, they can join UI UX design company and become a part of the team that works with various clients.

author: bdxw