USER and SUTD release Skillsfuture Course to Help Local SMEs

The Singapore University of Technology and Design has teamed up with USER to add another two course to their SkillsFuture Series Course. The two courses will be a digital transformation course and a usability & user experience course for anyone looking to expand their skills. These new courses will be offered by SUTD alongside other courses that help locals learn about data-analytics, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and much more. The purpose of these courses is to equip Singaporeans with emerging industry skills that will help them stay relevant in the future economy.

The first course is all about building your digital transformation strategy. This course is so beneficial because many companies are demanding specialized professionals in digital transformation. The digital transformation course provides the students with a global vision of the digital economy. The main focus of the course is to learn exactly what digital transformation is and then learn how to implement it into a company. One will also learn how to measure the degree of digital maturity of a business and analyze how to enact digital transformation in a company. Students will understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy by the end of the class and will learn new skills so they may be professionals of the digital era.

The second course offered is all about usability and user experience and is made for designers, developers, or anyone looking to get involved with UX as well as provide user experience consulting.. Everyone can take this introductory course as no prior knowledge is required. Some things taught during the course will be how to conceptualize a web and usability evaluation methods and the principles of interface design. Search engine optimization is also a part in this course as you will learn about its relationship with user experience and how to organize the information for its optimal search engine placement. This course is so important because it will teach you the importance of user experience in relationship to a business and how to improve user experience on your own.

These two new courses offered by SUTD are just a few of the many great courses to take that will give anyone the advantage when looking to find a job in this new tech economy. By learning new skills, you are not only making yourself more versatile but becoming smarter and being able to handle more important tasks at the same time.