EmpowHERment - Event Title

(Singapore) – Inclusivity, equality and women empowerment are three valuable things for USER Experience Researchers Singapore (USER), one of Singapore’s leading digital transformation strategy consulting firms. In light of International Women’s Month this 2022, the company held a two-day online convention and workshop celebrating the three virtues mentioned.  

“I would like to thank our leaders and the USER community for recognising the fact that women are essential and co-equal contributors in the workspace. As society moves forward towards progressive and inclusive culture, I believe encouraging equality in all human environments will create a better future, and I am glad we at USER are at the forefront of this movement,” says Ms. Christina Orge-Macatangay, USER SG Operations Head. 

“With this empowering stance towards women and holding events in celebration of it, the USER Group is leading the way for other companies in empowering women not just in Singapore, but also other regions in Southeast Asia,” she adds. 

The activity was graced by the presence of guest speakers from various walks of life and professions, and representatives from USER who have recently been recognised for their excellence in the workplace. Day 1 was held on March 25, Friday, and Day 2 was held on March 28, Monday. The specific day for celebrations is usually held every 8th of March. 

Women for a Better World 

This year’s theme was “#BreakTheBias” and the USER community took the opportunity to meet and hear about how women are rising in the workplace and society, effectively breaking the bias previously leaning more towards men. 

USER invited three special guest speakers to share their inspirational stories and insights as well as discuss different ways of empowering women: Faye Young, Founder of Makeup Academy Manila, Lou Zamora-Tan, Ms. Laguna Philippines 2022, and Rochelle Suarez, SEA Games 2019 Gold Medalist. Two more speakers from the USER community spoke to the attendees during the opening ceremony: Tran Thanh Minh, Vietnam HR Manager and Maria Bernadette Cabaluna, PH Sales Account Manager.  

Each speaker shared unique stories of overcoming odds and leveraging their skills, knowledge, and strong determination. From surviving cancer and overcoming their fears to changing people’s perspectives in generally male-dominated fields such as sports, the speakers motivated the attendees to do their best in all aspects.  

The attendees learned many helpful tips from the speakers. They enjoyed a wonderful time discussing how they can, as women, play the field in a level manner with everyone and without discrimination. This is especially helpful in the workplace and the IT industry, a field that started with mostly males in many areas. Thankfully, USER is a Singapore web design company with progressive ideals.  


Coming Together as a Community 

In addition to the guest presenters, the event organisers also held a wonderful learning activity conducted by Ms. Jasmine Lansang, USER Account Manager and a certified professional makeup artist at the Makeup Academy Manila. Ms. Lansang taught the attendees basic makeup as well as gave other helpful beauty tips to help the women of the USER community feel more confident about themselves and improve their makeup skills. The attendees also enjoyed other ice-breaker games to keep the atmosphere light and fun for everyone. 

Aside from activities and games, USER presented ideal figures of female empowerment within the workforce. They collected insights from exemplary women within the USER community who just received citations from the recent U Awards 2021. These are Singapore Operations Head Cristina Orge-Macatangay, UX Lead/Project Manager Zhang Yu Man, PH Account Supervisor Desiree Dineros, SEO Executive Marjorie Romero, and QA Lead Bianca Lyn Monroy. With their honest, moving words, the USER community gets a clearer view of what empowered women can do. 

These insights were released in a highlight video available on the USER website.  


Building a Progressive Culture 

The two-day celebration was endorsed by USER CEO, who continues to help in cultivating a borderless, equal, and non-discriminative workforce across the company’s four-country branches. 

“It is wonderful to see how we are quickly adopting and cultivating a progressive, accepting culture towards each other here at USER. I am proud to see how the women in our community are standing up to be good examples to one another and the rest of our workforce. This is proof of our commitment to creating an inclusive community based on respect, appreciation, and encouragement,” he says.  

He goes on further to show his approval of the growing USER community: “As a leader, it is my honour and pleasure to see how every member of every team is participating and contributing to our success not just in business, but also as members of society. With the growth of each individual, I believe we as a company grow, too,” he adds. 

User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) is a user experience consulting and digital solutions firm based in Singapore, with branches across Southeast Asia. Affiliated with Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd. and Media Manager, we deliver bespoke industry-level software, marketing, and IT outsourcing services to local and global businesses.