Dropbox has unveiled a new feature within their desktop application to enhance the user experience. CEO Drew Houston announced that Dropbox has changed their underlying structure within the desktop app to operate with any other desktop application, which is a change from their previous version that was close to  desktop file systems. However, this new system will initially be available as an early access program meaning it will not be permanently changed until after the EAP.

This new feature within Dropbox is enhancing the user experience because the company listened to its users and is tackling an issue their customers have faced when using the service. Cloud based office productivity systems have become the popular option to use for filing and the new feature will be able to sync desktop/server-based files in the same way. This in return will allow a user to find files much more easily because it will show local files, cloud documents, and other corporate data in a single view. Another new feature Dropbox is implementing with this new feature is that it will let users tag co-workers when uploading or creating files within the application.

Excited for the new Dropbox? Can there be anything more they can do to enhance the User Experience? Let them know how they can improve their UX design through their customer service!