In their latest User Experience project, USER has been working with Sembcorp Industries Limited to help improve their internal company document sharing. To help operations flow smoother at Sembcorp, USER created a online document-sharing application called GEM. The main function of GEM is to help employees organize and share documents effectively while reducing the time need to find pertinent documents.

Sembcorp Industries Limited is a utilities and marine group that provides centralized utilities, energy, and water to industrial customers in Singapore, other parts of Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. In their line of work, Sembcorp works with a lot of clients from all over the world and their marketing department is in control of a lot of documents. This is the main reason why Sembcorp implored the help of USER. Before GEM was created, Sembcorp’s marketing team was having a difficult type organizing documents about their clients, which would later lead to problems like quickly finding documents after they were uploaded. Once Sembcorp realized this was becoming an issue they knew it was time to improve the User Experience of the document sharing and storing in their company.

The solution to Sembcorp’s problem was created by USER, the first User Experience company in Singapore. GEM is a new online document-sharing site created exclusively for Sembcorp that reengineers the way Sembcorp organizes and shares their data. GEM can be accessed on the computer via the internet and also has an app that can be used on mobile phones. Similar to Dropbox, GEM was created to make document sharing easier, but GEM is created to meet the needs of Sembcorp specifically. After meeting with the stakeholders of Sembcorp, USER was able to find out what the new interface needed to fix. Soon after the discussion, USER pinpointed the main points of importance with their documents: company name, marketer, and date. These are the three key filters that make GEM so useful for Sembcorp employees. By making sure all documents uploaded to GEM include the three details, employees can easily search and find documents or filter documents to see ones that are related to each other.

USER has bettered the User Experience of Sembcorp’s daily operations for their marketing department with the creation of GEM. No longer will the employees of Sembcorp be helplessly looking for documents as they now have the ability to quickly find and organize documents all from the ease of their computer or smart phone. USER was able to thoroughly examine a problem, figure out a solution, then implement it successfully. This is most certainly what makes USER one of the best for improving User Experience.