USER’s successful 1st Quarter of 2023 reveals growth and improvements

The year 2023 is a welcome challenge and cause for celebration for USER Experience Researchers and its members. After more than two years of limited activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company finally resumed most of its offline efforts and increased its business operations. USER began the year with a face-to-face celebration that culminated in 2022 and capped off its first quarter with an online townhall event. After enjoying a good growth rate in the previous years, the company aims to expand its horizons even further in 2023. 

“This year, we aim to do much better in all aspects of performance. Our growth as a company has been favourable for the most part in the last two to three years, thanks to the efforts of our USER associates and the core management. I look forward to seeing how much farther we can go this 2023, and I am fully confident in everyone’s capabilities,” said Dr. Frank Qiu, CEO and Founder of USER.  

A Grand Start for a Big Year 

Summing up 2022 with a bang, USER held its first grand celebration at the Marco Polo Hotel in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was the first big event for the company after the pandemic and many USER employees took the opportunity to see each other again, and some for the first time. The core management from Singapore also flew in and attended the event. 

Dubbed “Hallyu to U: The USER Year-End Party 2022,” the event’s theme revolved around the vibrant, high-energy world of K-pop. The event was filled with thrilling games, competitions, raffle draws, and fun and laughter that everybody enjoyed both live at the event and online with a simultaneous broadcast to USER’s other offices in Singapore, Vietnam, and China. USER associates in other offices held their own get-togethers on separate dates after the Philippines event.  

“We hope to hold more activities like this in the future to give our employees a rewarding experience of being part of the USER family. Bonding together allows us to feel better about what it’s like to be part of the organisation and to make sure everyone is heard and appreciated. More than this year-end activity we will hold other activities that can help teams become stronger,” said Ms. Tina Orge-Macatangay, USER Operations Manager. 


Cultivating Closeness and Cooperation 

Just as Ms. Orge-Macatangay mentioned, USER’s internal programs to improve its employee performance and community spirit were expanded this year. The company held its first quarter Townhall event online to celebrate several events, such as Women’s Month. During the event, a special video honouring the company’s female employees was shown, showcasing the completeness of women in their various roles in the family, the community, and self-fulfilment. Attendees also took part in exciting games held during the online gathering. 

With the company growing not only its portfolio of clients served but also beefing up its talent pool of professionals, management took to empowering teams with more room for leadership and coordination. “Teams are encouraged to hold their own enrichment activities. It’s important for a growing company to allow its leaders to participate better in directing teams with a degree of independence and exercise accountability,” said Ms. Jesselle Maminta, HR Manager.  

USER also began restructuring its teams to improve their integration and cooperation, as well as implementing better operational procedures that boost productivity. 

Dr. Qiu also mentioned self-improvement during the 2022 YEP event: “Pushing ourselves further is what makes us better. It’s where we ask, ‘how can I be better?’, ‘what can help improve the way I do things?’ We decide and then act. I am happy that more and more of our people at USER are expanding their horizons, growing in themselves as the company also grows,” he said. 


Recognising Talents and Expanding Community 

One of the company’s most awaited events is the U Awards, an annual recognition program for the best-performing employees based on the company’s philosophies of Unity, Service, Excellence, and Responsibility.  

More than 12 winners from its four offices were named during the U Awards awarding ceremonies segment of the year-end party and given physical tokens of appreciation. For those who were not able to attend the live event, the tokens were sent to their respective office locations. 

During the 1st Quarter Townhall, management also congratulated the arrival of new hires and celebrated work anniversaries for tenured associates. The company also strengthened its incentives programs, introducing more health benefits for employees and other rewards.  

USER also grew its role in the technology community, joining several organisations such as the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Singapore (HFESS), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), Singapore Computer Society (SCS), and SG Tech. The company hopes to share with the community insights from the extensive experience of USER’s resident certified developers, project managers, and tech experts.