USER PH Community Meets Up in “FaceTime, PlayTime” Co-Working and Leisure Event

(MANILA) – After almost two years of pure remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) associates in the Philippines finally had the opportunity to meet once more. Dubbed “FaceTime, PlayTime,” the event held last May 24-25 let USER PH employees experience co-working and a little celebration in the spirit of camaraderie.  

We at USER are very intentional with how we want our community culture to be. As much as we want to deliver the very best for our customers, we also strive to keep improving our workplace community. For us, it’s not just a place to work and earn, it’s the place to grow ourselves and our connection with others,” says Mr Frank Qiu, CEO of USER.  


A Community that Stays Together 

Held at the SM Mega Tower and SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, various USER PH teams gathered and celebrated the two-day event. On the first day, the Video Analysis team had their co-working meetup followed by a thrilling game event in the nearby SM Megamall recreation facilities. The second day was composed of members of the HR team, Finance, Digital Marketing & Sales, and Business Analysts, as well as UX, Project Management, and Digital Solutions teams. 

Filipinos are known for having a strong community spirit. The USER PH community is a great example of how this is lived out through the company’s strong belief in nurturing connections with each other. USER PH hosted fun activities and a festive dinner for all attendees.  

We’re glad to finally be able to meet each other again after almost two years. There are old and new faces that need to get to know each other and I’m happy to see them interact as it really shows our bonds and strengthens our sense of cooperation and camaraderie,” says Ms Jasmin Lansang, Video Analysis Department Head. 


Celebrating the Spirit of Workplace Friendships 

For Day 1, about 50 members of the Video Analysis department worked together at GreatWork Offices at the Mega Tower. Some of them met the team for the first time, so Ms Lansang and the HR team  came up with fun ways to introduce members to each other. Following a busy work day, the VA team went to the SM Megamall bowling lanes to unwind and had more time to bond. USER Operations Head Ms Christina “Tina” Orge-Macatangay also came for a surprise visit to spend time with everyone. 

On the second day, participating USER PH employees met together for another co-working day. After the work day, they went all out on the lanes for several games of bowling. Some showed their undeniable skill in striking pins while some learned the ropes with their colleagues. Some employees also took the chance to use the games and activities to have fun with their families while enjoying the companionship of their fellow team members. 

Joining in on the event’s second day was a surprise guest, a Product Manager from one of USER’s client companies. It was a wonderful opportunity for the USER PH employees to enjoy their time with a representative of one of the company’s long-time partners. She and members from UX, Digital Solutions, HR and other teams had a great time chatting and playing at the bowling lanes. 

USER PH Meets Up for “FaceTime, PLaytime”  Event

Driven by a Progressive Company Culture 

After the activities, both groups of employees enjoyed hearty meals with their teammates during their meetup days. It was a long-awaited get-together meal many team members requested to happen and finally became a reality as mobility restrictions lowered with the waning of the pandemic.

We were actually hesitant at first to hold this meeting as we’re considering the Government’s Health and Safety regulations. Fortunately, the pandemic situation improved immensely, thus allowing our community members to finally meet, collaborate, and have fun safely,” said Ms Jesselle Maminta, USER PH Human Resources Head. 

Every member of the USER community, whether from the Philippines or other offices in Asia, is a part of this big family. We pride ourselves in a progressive culture that cares for and nourishes the lives and careers of its members while being understanding of our differences. We believe in nurturing human connections,” said Ms Tina.   

USER offices in other countries including its headquarters in Singapore have already had their own small meet-up sessions and post-work activities in the first quarter. The Vietnam team held theirs in June and even gave out essential extras such as “COVID Care” packages to employees who reported positive for the illness. Many are still working from home in Vietnam, but fortunately, mobility restrictions are also being lifted gradually in more and more areas allowing USER employees to move more freely for meetups and other activities. 

This series of face-to-face sessions are part of USER’s drive to create a more progressive company culture that’s inclusive and community-centric.