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In this world, the only thing that’s permanent is change. And the same thing can be said when it comes to website designs. The desire to see different things on websites has made online users and search engines like Google to become more analytical gradually. Hence, it has become necessary to work and improve on your site’s UX design amongst other things. And though we’ve seen trends come and go over the last couple of years, there are various factors that we still use up till today. For example, you might not realize it yet but when creating or moderating your site, it’s essential to have a detailed customer journey map where you can base your design to.

Here are some other tips that you can discuss with your choice of UX design Singapore agency and see its impact to the website you’re creating and/or revamping.


UX Design – What is it?

UX or user experience design is the experience of users when they navigate throughout your website. As they navigate, their feelings can be influenced by different factors they see on your site. These can be

the text, animations or images and even the colours of your website. The work of a professional from a UX design agency, therefore, is to make sure that all of these factors work well together so it leads to a website that’s: (1) quick to load, (2) eye-catching, and most importantly, (3) easy to use.


User Experience Design – Helpful Tips

Before anything else, one important information that’s worth sharing is the vital role wireframes play when designing new websites or improving the usability of existing ones. Designing a website can be done first on paper or through the use of tools where clickable wireframes can show how well each of the elements works when brought together. Therefore, UX design Singapore agencies can help companies save money as they can use it to design their sites first, and time as they don’t need to do codes yet until the design test is completed.

Usability – Achieving great UX designs is possible when you include usability. What this means is that when you design and test your site, you make sure that each of the features has a purpose and a function for being included. When that little button, widget or other elements align, it contributes to the efficient browsing experience of website visitors.

Simplicity – As mentioned earlier, nothing’s permanent but only change. For the past 20 years, Google hasn’t had any design changes except for the graphics or doodles that only changes when celebrating a historical or social event. What can you learn from the search giant’s UI UX design then? It’s much more favourable to stay simple because it allows efficiency. They can just type in their queries into the search box, click enter and wait for the results to show. When you keep things simple, the UX’s impact on your website increases because their needs are satisfied as soon as possible.

Accessibility – The growing number of mobile phone users drove numerous businesses to use the power of mobile phones for continued conversions. Because desktop and phone screens are different, designers utilize adaptive and responsive designs to provide users with mobile-friendly sites. The accessibility concept is not only about responsive web designs, but also includes magnifiers and screen readers, captions, speech recognition and more.

In addition to these three, there are plenty other UX design elements to consider that you can implement with the help of your UX design Singapore company. And though it’s possible for the best web design practices to change with time, it still helps to know what these are currently, and make necessary changes over the years to help increase traffic and revenue for the company.

The information you read here is inspired by Business 2 Community’s Business & Finance > Strategy Category: UX Design Tips to Delight Visitors and Increase Revenue.

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