What is UX?

UX is a broad shorthand term for “User Experience.” It refers to the process many product designers use to create user-centred designs, making them more efficient and pleasing to use. UX also encompasses the “user journey” and its quality, which can be evaluated through the product’s usability.

Many businesses often hire UX consulting experts for UI UX design as the process can be particularly time-consuming and requires significant knowledge in the field.

What is User Experience / UX Design?

UX design is a complex field and process that brings together research, design & development, and testing to create highly effective designs. A typical UX team is composed of a UX researcher, a UX designer, a project manager, and other experts that work together to find out the most convenient, usable, and satisfying way to address user or customer concerns. It is inherently user-centric, as it prioritises user satisfaction.

UX design is mostly used in software and mobile app development but is also applicable in digital transformation and other product development processes. If you’re looking for a company specialising in UX design, Singapore tech firm USER Experience Researchers is your best bet for competitive, efficient designs.

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