Why Usability Testing is So Important

Why Usability Testing is So Important

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Why Usability Testing is So Important

1. Tests if the user’s expectations are met

Consumers have specific needs and it is your job to make sure they are met. By learning what your target market wants, it will be easier to market your product or service. You can do this with the help of a usability testing agency as well. Remember that if you do not satisfy the needs of the customer, they will not want to buy which could be very detrimental to a company. By learning about their expectations and striving to meet them, your chances of being successful increase largely.


2. Finds potential flaws

When conducting tests, you might find errors in your product or service that were unpredictable or unnoticed. It is okay that flaws are found during testing because it prevents the customer from getting angry and allows you to have time to fix your mistakes. If a tester experiences a flaw, they will not be angry and will inform you of a problem. It is then up to you to make sure that the flaw is corrected and no other problems will arise.


3. Shows success rate of users with the tasks presented

When your product or service is going through testing, you can see how successful people are when using it. This ties into the previous point as you may find some flaws, but you also get to see if your product or service worked as planned. Once you see what helps the testers succeed, you want to capitalize on that and make it even easier to succeed.


4. Proves that it is useful for real-world use

Usability testing is a great opportunity for you to see your product or service be put to real use by people who had no part in the creation of it. With an unbiased party testing, you can see how useful your idea is in real life. An idea might be perfect on paper, but testing it with real people is the ultimate test.


5. Ability to gather user feedback and reactions 

The whole point of usability testing is to gather and analyze the feedback and reactions of the testers. This point is associated with all the others as by seeing how people react to your product or service can lead to finding flaws, seeing how successful it is, and learn how useful it really is. Usability testing helps companies see how their customers will react to their product or service and are why so many companies conduct usability testing.