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Since the invention of the internet and its rapid expansion that has resulted in the creation of a large electronic commerce industry, traditional retail stores have had significant challenges keeping up with the pace of change. However, these stores have adapted by offering apps, digital payment options, home-delivery and other innovative ways. Therefore, the user experience both inside the store and in the electronic platforms are crucial to the success of a modern retail store.

In terms of the physical store, it is important for managers to understand how customers engage with the products. What products sell the most? Where should certain products be placed? What type of pricing system should we use? are some of the key questions that need to be answered. Since traditional stores have been around for a long time, user experience in these physical stores are taken very seriously.

It is equally important to consider, understand and deliver on a high-quality user experience in the online world as well. Today’s consumers want applications to be fast, smooth, easy to navigate and intuitive. Furthermore, there are other design factors such as the application of color and positioning of text that play a critical role in the user experience as well. So how do we create a user experience that customers will enjoy?

It all begins with the user research, where you have to find out as much as you can about the customers and their expectations. Then you develop an application that suits their needs whilst also having the elements of speed and beauty built in. Factors such as ease of access to products, secure payment methods, promotions and advertising also need to be considered. Afterwards, this application needs to be tested with users and continuously improved based on the feedback received.

Image Source: TechCrunch