Considering the stiff competition in e-commerce today, maximising user experience design services shouldn’t be a mere option but rather a priority. One method for achieving this goal is by using pop-up advertisements.  

Sounds strange, right? Pop-ups have a rather poor image, with some users saying they dislike them. For instance, Amazon and Pinterest are two of the biggest brands that still utilise pop-ups to drive conversions and clients closer. 

Despite being annoying for some, pop-ups are effective when used correctly – in some cases, even generating 65% more leads. This is why pop-up ads continue to exist, and many businesses are availing of user experience design services to optimise theirs so that users do not block them.

And now, the question is: how does a competitive UX design agency use pop-ups to help its client achieve their desired business goals? 

Content Modification 

Content Modification

The sizes of pop-ups range from tiny banners, or the so-called sidebar pop-ups up, to full-page ads. Of course, with such adaptable sizes, content can be tailored as well, which is something that businesses can benefit from.  

Voucher and discount coupons, newsletter-limited promos, event banners, and limited-time offers are all examples of user-focused ads that are customisable to your liking. The major point is to entice people with the idea of receiving benefits, rather than frustration, from advertisements that could serve their interests and not just the advertisers.  

Some popups use a “shorter” approach such as closed-question pop-ups, while others use geotargeting, which is helpful for brands with specific target audiences. In other words, there are a lot of modifications that you can apply to make pop-ups “user-friendly.” 

You can get excellent services for such by hiring a UX company in Singapore or other digitally progressive countries where UX talents have a lot of experience in creating such ads.  

Identify your New and Return Visitors 

Identify your New and Return Visitors

Every visitor on your site has a particular purpose in mind. Consider how unpleasant it would be to be bombarded with the same pop-up ads repetitively. One solution is to give them distinct and intriguing ad content that depends if they are a return visitor or a new one.  

For new users, you may show off your promos through a scroll-based pop-up, so they won’t feel interrupted as they navigate. In addition to that, they can go about their business on your website without feeling chased by whatever deals you’re trying to promote.  

For returning visitors, it is highly likely that they came back to get more information or to make a purchase. Hence, you can insert pop-up ads like a user feedback form based on their experience or a simple cart notification that would remind them about a product that they may be considering, which is one of the factors considered in UX design for e-commerce.

Pop-up on the Perfect Timing 

Pop-up on the Perfect Timing

Although content is the most significant aspect of pop-ups, timing is equally vital. Imagine being greeted by a full-page ad upon entry on a website– who wouldn’t bounce out of that site?  

Instead, you may show adverts in between the average duration of user actions, such as when theyre in the middle of a browsing session or when they reach the end of a certain page.  

Also, there are exit-intent pop-up ads where the ad appears when the exit button is triggered, giving a few more offers before the user leaves. In this approach, their browsing activity is never interrupted. 

Landing Page Redirects 

Landing Page Redirects

The main goal of UI UX design is to attract and gain potential customers – regardless of their social status or health condition, and it would be a total loss if you are inaccessible 

That being said, page redirects to your contact information, such as your social media accounts and emails would be quite advantageous. You may be able to acquire not just followers, but also potential customers who can contribute to your conversion rates. 

The Flip Side of Pop-Ups 

Despite their negative reputation, pop-ups are still implemented by numerous businesses for their considerable advantages if used in a user-friendly manner. Reversing its poor image is a good idea, though it may prove a challenge for those new to user-centric experiences 

In order to maximise the effectiveness of pop-ups and improve your digital marketing strategies, you can rely on User Experience Researchers, a UI UX design agency Singapore based that serves the digital demands of many multinational corporations.  

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