What kind of impact can a mobile app development agency create for businesses?

In the age of digital, mobile apps have become the new storefront for businesses, big and small. With more than half of global internet usage coming from smartphones and e-commerce sales at US$3.914 trillion in 2020, businesses are starting to opt for mobile-first strategies. A study by TruConversion stated that mobile-friendly pages generate up to 30% in gains versus 20% for websites with less optimization for mobile.

E-commerce is one of the major aspects contributing to the success of mobile markets. Business apps and other requirements are also driving demand for future-ready strategies, which means there’s more to securing success in mobile than just putting apps in app stores.

Demand is rising, and Competition is stiff

Building apps is a serious business. There are currently almost 5 million apps available on the two biggest platforms, Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Chances are there’s an app for any function or demand out there – from food delivery to portable business management. With the number of apps in the market that you’ll have to outperform, partnering with a competitive mobile app development company is a surefire way to get the best solution.

A recent report revealed that mobile users’ spending increased by 30.2% in 2020 compared to 2019, valued at around $111 billion. In detail, sales figures in 2019 amounted to $85.2B, split between the Google Play Store and Apple App Store at $29.7B and $55.5Brespectively. The following year, both app stores sold more with Google making $38.6B and Apple closing at $72.3B. The figures represent spending on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and download premiums across a variety of categories.

Without the help of a capable development team, your business may incur tons of overhead costs even just on research alone.


Depth of Research and Knowledge Base

Large corporations with their in-house development teams are also outsourcing work for mobile app development. Established organizations also tap app-making agencies to assist them in their digital transformation plans and improve customer experience.

Across the world, e-commerce is rapidly growing following the drastic change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Global sales of e-commerce from mobile retail shot up by 16.5%, even after the numbers slowed down for two major markets, China and India.

The staggering amount of information a company on the verge of expanding in the digital frontier needs extensive data on their customers. App development firms answer this need with data-gathering techniques such as online surveys, focus group research, and social listening. A single person or a small group will have a hard time building up data from scratch and would probably outsource data collection, resulting in more expenses.

In addition to libraries of user data, many agencies also provide insights on consumer and business trends. For example, the rollout of 5G-enabled handsets is setting up renewed interest in app searching and discovery, and knowledge of specific consumer interests is easier to obtain with agencies that have a background in market research.

Many development firms with a mobile-first approach are also in touch with multiple competencies for various industries. It’s always a welcome advantage to have more to offer on the table, such as providing customers with more layers of security and related technologies.


Security and Range of Technical Competencies

Just as it is important to build and market your app in the mobile environment, keeping you and your customers’ data safe from attackers should be of high priority. Security is also an integral part of UI/UX design and research, as well as keeping your data architecture streamlined, organized, and free of vulnerabilities.

Phishing attacks, spyware, and malicious apps are some of the top threats to smartphone security nowadays. A competitive mobile app development company can help ensure your digital product to be safeguarded from intrusion by dangerous scripts and backdoor tactics.

Building a mobile-first strategy with UI and UX design considerations bring more value for your business and improve your business interaction points with customers. Related services such as usability testing are also great steps to take in app-building, as such added quality measures will further improve your app in the end.



Don’t hesitate in getting trustworthy mobile app development agencies if you’re planning on a major mobile-first strategy. With mobile in full bloom and still rising, there’s a lot of factors to consider. An experienced team of professionals backed by reputable mentors can positively impact your strategy with a fine-tuned product for customers and potential market.

One such firm is the User Experience Researchers group (USER), one of Singapore’s pioneer mobile app development companies. USER also delivers usability testing, UI/UX design and research, as well as both web and mobile-focused app development. For more information, you can reach out to us via https://www.user.com.sg/contact/