3 Surprising Benefits Every Business Can Get from UX Research

3 Surprising Benefits Every Business Can Get from UX Research

Some businesses would rather do usability tests in-house, but hiring external testers may prove better.

Some businesses would rather do usability tests in-house, but hiring external testers may prove better.

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Most businesses understand the primary arguments for investing in UX research and design services by now. According to Forrester’s Digital Customer Experience Playbook report, reasons like acquiring a more sizeable market share, reduced customer abandonment rates, and improved sales statistics drove businesses to spend their money on UX research services.

However, some business owners and managers may still need more convincing to invest in user research and user experience. If you or your company’s decision-makers are still uncomfortable with the idea of implementing UX research, these uncommon reasons might just be what it takes to convince you or them.

#1: You Can Manage Expenses More Efficiently

Some business owners would cut corners when developing websites or apps using a limited budget. Including UX research may make one think of increased costs, but the positive effects it can bring are actually more cost-saving in the long run.

For example, website or app developers are usually expected to spend at least half of their time on projected reworks. This makes each revision after the initial development costlier in comparison to the changes made during the product’s prototyping phase.

Should your company choose to spend time and resources on user experience services before developing the product, you can save a lot of money from revisions and fixes.

#1: You Will Pay Less than What You Expect

#2: Get Free Advertising through Word of Mouth

If you want to craft the most effective marketing strategy for your product or business, you need to ensure that your customers are always happy with your products or services. Successful businesses recognise the importance of customer feedback. UX researchers may use various methods like focus group discussions to help you figure out the best strategy for your business. You can use all the information you get from UX research to understand what your target users need to meet their expectations.

Giving what your users want would generate a positive reaction, making it easier for them to recommend your website, app, product, or brand to other people. Users will serve as your best endorsers as their word carries more weight for people who trust them. You only need to give them the best experience based on their feedback obtained from data-gathering methods by your user experience consulting team.

#3: Enjoy Enhanced Competitive Advantage

Since comprehensive UX research can give you a better idea of how your customers can best enjoy interacting with your brand or product, you will have a better edge against your competitors in your industry. Partnering with a UX research expert or agency can help you gain more accurate user data through the latest user experience research tools and techniques. This way, even as customer demands continue to change depending on the current scenario, you’ll be prepared – bringing you back to the first advantage of cost savings.

In addition, investing in UX research can give you a glimpse into the practices of your competitors. Part of what researchers do is collect information from users that may include data from their usage of competitor products, allowing you to “spy” on the other companies. This enables you to better figure out what users like and dislike about the other company, which you can use to your advantage.

The information your UX research team gathers can help you decide on the best strategy to overtake your competitors and increase your loyal user base.


UX research can make a huge difference for your company in terms of overall benefits in the long term. By investing time and resources in UX and user research services, you can get a better picture of what makes your market tick and how to better retain their loyalty. But since plenty of agencies offer this service, you need to find the right team of researchers to conduct a thorough study for your business.

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