In order to design apps and websites that perfectly match our clients’ goals and ideas, it is important to gather information on what they are looking for. Focus group research helps us attain these objectives and guide the design process. This has continued to be an effective practice with our Singapore clients for over ten years. 

What Makes Focus Group Research Effective 

Before starting any project, we must be aware of the current state of the client’s work and how the project ties into their vision and mission. USER adapts this collaborative, qualitative method of inquiry called Focus Group Research to gather information and translate the participants’ ideas into future designs. Not only is this method cost-effective, but it is also popularly used in social science research to delve into the perspectives of different target groups.

Focus Group Discussions in UX Research 

Focus group studies help user experience researchers gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs. This helps our researchers obtain the key user flows, user behaviors of their target customers, goals, motivations, challenges, and expectations for the new design or platform. The results are later summarized as user journeythat indicate the potential customers’ step-by-step interactions with the product.  

The Focus Group Set-up 

Each focus group discussion in Singapore takes about 1 hour per group (typically of about 3-5 participants) to give equal opportunity for all participants to share their insights. Depending on the project, activities conducted include informal interviews with users and card sorting activities. The findings from these activities are later proposed for information architecture. 


UX Research vs. Market Research 

A market research focus group investigates the value of concepts and ideas for the target audience. This gauges the audience’s reception to new strategies and how well they will engage with them. 

A UX research focus group on the other hand involves testing the product, developing elements in the app or website that are needed, troubleshooting weak points, and taking note of features that can be improved. This type of research also zeroes in on the influence of the product on the user’s behavior and involves interacting with the new platform itself. 

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