Utilizing mobile applications in the time of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic is not bad after all. Why? This is probably because it is a part of the digital transformation, in which the power of mobile apps has been tested and proven. In 2020, 88% of US citizens spent their mobile time on apps, more than they do on browsers.

However, choosing a reliable mobile app that can be useful as a tool to effectively assess ourselves in the pandemic is quite overwhelming. And so, to help you decide, three free user-centric mobile apps to use in monitoring COVID-19 are listed below.


Apple.com - Apple COVID19

Apple COVID19

Apple Inc. developed a mobile app called Apple COVID19 together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the White House. It is a digital screening tool that’s available on Apple products such as iPhone and iPad and is available globally.

Users will need to input their data related to COVID-19 and health authorities can access these data. Worried about unauthorized data access? Fear not because—the data is encrypted and unlinked to any built-in feature of Apple such as Health & Fitness and Diagnostics, which means there’s no need to be worried about unauthorized data access.

In addition to the data that health authorities gather from the app’s users, guidelines and health protocolsare given to further educate the citizens. Another feature of Apple COVID-19 is its accessibility. The app is free and could be managed without an internet connection.


Zoe Global Limited’s COVID Symptom Study

COVID Symptom Study

Last year, Zoe Global Limited’s COVID Symptom Study was the only globally available COVID-19-related mobile app in both App Store and Play Store. The app allows users to contribute and learn from known universities, like Stanford and Harvard University, through its two parts—health information and symptom tracking. Both parts ask for the general and personal health information of the users, including symptoms for them to assess themselves and get instructions, and for the experts to be able to record the possible cases in each region as well.

Besides, the COVID Symptom Study’s design managed by a mobile app development company is also observed by many users. Say, for example, a review of the said app, where design improvement was praised in the review section.


Test Yourself Goa

Test Yourself Goa

Test Yourself Goa is a digital self-assessment mobile app by the Government of Goa. It is available for Android devices and takes up only 2.1 Megabytes of the device’s space. Test Yourself Goa works on the user’s data including travel details, health conditions, and even personal information. The collected data are accessed and maintained by the health authorities, wherein solutions and useful information are given, depending on the input data of the users. Guidelines like instruction on self-quarantine, the contact information of nearby health authorities, and the like are given.

Just like the other mobile applications mentioned above, Test Yourself Goa’s information is also based on CDC’s guidelines.



Information and design of the COVID-19 related mobile apps link to the user interface and user experience. It is visible in each mobile app review section, although it is also seen that every user has different opinions and experiences. Thereby, it is salient to take a consultation from established UI UX design agencies like USER. Connect with us through www.user.com.sg/contact/.


Gentle Reminder: The Clock is Ticking!

Every mobile app user plays a part in the development of the mentioned mobile apps. But more than that is the role of everyone as an individual in the pandemic that is happening right now. It is never too late to get involved as a citizen in this digital era, where there is a pandemic occurrence.

Always remember that knowledge is power, and so is the information regarding COVID-19.