Social Constructivism in Mobile App Development

Social Constructivism (of Technology) is a theory implying that technology is shaped by society – its users. The theory postulates that without humans—the developers and inventors in and of a society—technology wouldn’t thrive nor be around. In simpler words, technology is there to fit human needs and interests, and is continuously developed for humans.

In the world of UI UX design, the effects of social constructivism can be seen in the field of mobile app development. Due to social constructivism, it can be said that mobile app development is done because of the ever-growing needs and interests of its users. An application should attract potential customers, otherwise, it can lead to negative effects on the image of the organization the app serves.

As humans have ever-growing and ever-changing needs, developments should consistently follow demand. Through that line of reasoning, it can be said that social constructivism does exhibit transverse effects on the field of technology.


Mobile Applications are the Products of Society’s Wants

Technology, specifically mobile phones and applications, coexists with society in an infinite cycle of demand creation and satisfaction. Mobile products are developed and introduced to users to meet their demands; making their lives easier and more livable until a new demand arises.

While it may be arguable that the kind of development of technology is dependent on the society it came from, it can be true that society built and invented technology for its benefit. Therefore, the only way technology can sustain the needs of its users is to continuously progress, leading to devices and mobile applications growing in features and complexity.

In line with the concept of ever-rising demand, digital transformation consulting is shaping UI UX design trends in improving customer experience in websites and mobile applications. This is a vital ingredient to be able to make mobile app designs that drive higher customer satisfaction.


Poorly Designed Apps Can Affect Customer Satisfaction

People using or browsing for information through mobile apps are always potential customers. The ultimate objective of every business is to convert them from being just casual users or visitors to loyal buyers.

Mobile applications are used by a variety of people every day, and that alone make apps influential. Failing to meet customer needs with poorly-designed app features and capabilities will still have influence on its users in a negative manner. This could mean being rated lowly, or if the app has purchasing mechanics, could lead to refund requests. Being knowledgeable of what a good user experience is is important when developing mobile applications.

Executing plans according to company requirements is good, but if it fails to meet even halfway of what customers are expecting, there is a big likelihood the project will not become successful or profitable.



In an article from Frontline, there are five (5) factors that a mobile application and web design company shall look after in designing and developing their product. These factors are helpful in fulfilling customer satisfaction. Adhering to these factors may help you meet market needs and demands; allowing you to cater to more audiences and customers.


Society’s Ever-changing Needs: Why Developments Happen

Society is filled with people with different needs and demands. Such needs change constantly through time. A person’s current needs depend on their key aspects— such as gender, race, social and economic status, etc. and that these needs evolve in time as they also change in these aspects.

Furthermore, satisfying one’s demands for a certain period does not mean fulfilling future needs. For example, average internet speeds 5 years ago are much lower than today’s, so a company offering speeds same as that time will likely look inferior to modern standards, will they? So, in a UI UX design company, services, visuals, and other elements should be developed and updated too.

When it comes to mobile app development, Singapore businesses are at the forefront of creativity. As a rising hub of technology in Southeast Asia, mobile app creators in the region keep putting out new designs and features that are continuously developed, improved, and updated.

Remember that you are serving a variety of people, and in the long run, should you fail to cater to their needs, it will be your loss.




The effects of social constructivism can truly be seen in the world of mobile app development. Without society, technology won’t thrive. It’s like a give-and-take relationship—they’re coexistent, hence needing each other to survive. As an old proverb goes, “necessity is the creator of invention,” so do society’s needs drive manufacturers and developers to roll out new and exciting answers to satisfy those needs.

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