USER Experience Researchers – A Growing and Committed UI UX Company

USER Experience Researchers – A Growing and Committed UI UX Company


Nowadays, there are many technology businesses around the world. USER Experience Researchers is one of the famous companies that specializes in user experience research. The first USER’s office is established in Singapore, then our company continues to expand the brand in some of the strongest countries in the world like Japan, China, and Vietnam. Day by day, User is gradually improving its technology to keep up with modern technology. Every year, the number of good and highly specialized employees in the company is increasing. To create a strong business, all members are always connected, especially to keep the solidarity of the whole company.

Solidarity in work is one of the key factors to the success of enterprises, especially small or startup companies newly established. When all employees unanimously teamed together to create a working power source’s largest and highest efficiency. In fact, let’s start by clearly defining the general objectives of the work. Whether a small business or multinational corporation, whether new or old staff then everyone needs to know the final destination. Just so their new employees understand the need to make efforts for collective how to contribute to the overall success. Because User is a big team with staff who come to many different countries like Philippine, Vietnam, China, Singapore, so we need to look for the best ways to work together. Each member in User still has certain abilities and limitations, a clear common goal together with smaller goals is a necessity. This makes it easier for people to follow the development plan, avoiding distracting and understand the problem to be solved.

Being a member of User, I think that the most important factor that helps our company expand the brand and compete in the technology market is equality between all staff. People will work well together when they feel they are treated fairly at work. For example, some ordinary employees, who do not contribute much to the team but always receive bias or special treatment at work, will certainly make others unhappy, even dissatisfied with lack of treatment. Fortunately, this doesn’t appear in the structure of User, so everyone is very friendly and happy when they work together. On the contrary, if the collective lacks the equality factor, it will lead to discord and inconsistency in the work. Since then, solidarity will not exist and the productivity of the whole team will be reduced, the employees will no longer be interested in working. Like other companies, User has many big projects and they play an important role in the success of the company. Therefore, team leaders need to arrange effectively tasks and goals for all member of their team. Reasonable distribution of tasks, workloads, and rewards will make everyone realize equality. Each individual will compete fairly to develop their work and accomplish the group’s common goals.

Next, I think that the next factor that can decide on the success of a business is sharing. Sharing factors are understood in two directions: giving and receiving. Everyone has the right to know the information necessary to develop a plan or content of work. Thereby, people will understand better the mission of each person to support each other when problems occur. Besides, every employee has the freedom to share his or her views and opinions into the common work of the whole group. Before joining User, I am very nervous because I think that I will not communicate with my colleagues. I don’t have much experience with my position, so it is very difficult for me to do it. But when I become a member of User, everyone is very friendly, they help me understand clearly about our company, if I have any issue, I can ask them and they will share with me anything I don’t know. So, I feel more comfortable and confident to complete my tasks. To help people be more open and easier to share, businesses should have activities like regular meetings – where all information will be widely disseminated and people are free to share ideas and news. new. Besides, outdoor activities that the User usually organizes such as travel, team building, Christmas parties, Happy New Year, … are also invested more. These are all occasions for people to come together, understand each other to enhance solidarity.

It is said that consistency in the operating mechanism of a business has always been a concern for managers. Building and raising solidarity among employees is not a simple and quick affair. This depends heavily on different factors, both objective, subjective, external and internal. For example, it is no coincidence that some companies use the same uniform for employees, or the same employees all use the same type of office facilities (computers, desks, chairs, etc.). This is applied to ensure similarity, and close the gap between people. Whenever employees are satisfied with the collective, at work, they will devote themselves to the overall development of the business. Since then, solidarity between people will be stronger and stronger.

In general, User is a real example of a promising business. Come to User team, you not only have an intensive background but also are participating in a wonderful family. This will help you improve your abilities in the future.

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