User Experience Researchers (USER), in its 15 years of committed service to businesses and organisations, has taken steps to increase its sustainability efforts to contribute better to the communities it serves. In the past two years, USER has undertaken several activities to promote ESG factors in several ways, from online workshops to onsite activities. 

“Our company was founded on the goal of making lives better – and at USER, we believe this should start in our workplace. By promoting ESG through a strategic approach to implement and continuously improve our sustainability measures, we believe we are contributing to the betterment of society. As a leader in user experience, we are especially dedicated to ensuring our workforce is a friendly, collaborative community, progressive, and caring of the environment,” says Dr. Frank Qiu, CEO of USER. 

Jumpstarting sustainability in the workplace

In 2022, USER launched USER Cares – a program that promotes employee well-being and safety. The first batch of activities in the program included a mental health awareness webinar and workplace health and safety workshop.  

The mental health awareness activity, called “Breathing Space: A Mental Health Awareness Webinar and Workshop” saw USER employees learning about the basics of mental health, sources of stress, and managing the effects of stress. The activity was spearheaded by USER HR and facilitated by Aimee Gonzaga, MA RPsy, a clinical psychologist.  

Following the above activity was “Safety, Diversity, Health and Safety in the Workplace,” a multi-faceted webinar covering the mentioned workplace factors. Headed by Marnie O. Pebrada, an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) practitioner accredited by the Philippine government, the webinar shed light to the definitions and important points regarding the abovementioned topics. The workshop also included strategies and essential advice for individuals in handling occupational health risks in both remote and onsite settings. 

Other enrichment activities for ESG

USER also held an information security workshop that boosted employees’ knowledge on keeping data safe. The company’s data security experts held this online activity and gave an informed presentation and short evaluation regarding the basics of preventing data leaks, secure storage, and careful access to sensitive data.  

In the first quarter of 2024, USER also conducted onsite training and workshops. More than just avenues to advance the skills of employees, these activities also served to streamline and enhance management capabilities, promote transparency, and help team leaders disseminate the company’s policies regarding interaction with clients and handling external parties, such as partner suppliers and vendors. 

CSR, sustainability efforts

Supporting communities is also a part of USER’s contributions through their branch offices. The company, through several representatives, sometimes reach out to local charities and less privileged areas of the office’s country. Recently, USER donated food and supplies to elderly in need in Indonesia as part of its social responsibility activities. 

A continuous effort to improve 

In addition to workshops and social activities, USER has always been inclusive in acquiring talent right from the start. Recruiting talents from across APAC region and now expanding globally, USER implements a “borderless” workplace that accepts diverse talents. The company also has a well-balanced workforce with women holding 57% of lead and managerial positions, making it a welcome place for career-driven women.  

USER conducts regular training workshops and camaraderie-building activities where employees are sometimes allowed to bring family, increasing bonds between not just team members, but also improving community relations.  

Preserving the environment through resource management is also one of USER’s new policies in the workplace and practice as a company. As an organisation largely comprised of remote workers, USER minimises use of paper and print materials – sparsely used even in offline events. During Tech Week Singapore event in 2023, USER opted to majorly use electronic means to gather leads and contacts and showcased its services through demonstrations and video displays.  

USER also successfully achieved EcoVadis certification for sustainable practices as it received a Bronze Medal from the organisation this January of 2024, which means USER placed in the top 35% of companies they assessed in the 12 months prior to the announcement of assessment completion.  EcoVadis rates companies according to strict measurement parameters, helping them comply better with global regulations, and improving their sustainability practices and policies such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans.  

Ultimately, USER is continuously improving on its commitment to promoting sustainability across the board through various methods – from helping protect the environment to managing its workforce and refining its policies.