Focus group research is like a gem for businesses and organisations. It led to relatively big success for some of the world’s best-known companies. Mattel’s success with its early “Barbie” products in the 1950s was the product of effective focus group sessions. This research method allows you to better see beyond the statistics of your customers, allowing you to create a better user experience for them using their insights and opinions.

Are you already thinking of conducting one? Then, here are a few things about focus group research that could help you easily decide.


Know Your Audience BETTER.

Who is your target audience? Do you have your specifics in choosing them? How about your target audience’s perception of your product, do you know what they think of it?

If your answer to the last 2 questions above is both no, then having a focus group in conducting your market research will be your key. Focus group research allows you to know your audience better – specifically, to know how to sell your product to your target audience better. It is known to be an effective tool in connecting to your target customers on a deeper, personal level, as it allows you to see what algorithms and passive observational data can’t capture.

This methodology would help reveal another perspective of your product from the eyes of your customers. Through this approach, you can improve your product early on – allowing you to establish a more trusted company. Since audiences do play a vital role in one’s business, being able to see their true needs upon the creation of a product or service can get you a long-term win.


Reveal the Real

As mentioned above, focus group research reveals the in-depth perception of consumers toward your product or service, which can be a useful tool in establishing an effective product.

Reveal the Real

Focus group research captures the non-verbal reactions and insights of people. Though surveys can provide you in-depth and easily-interpretable results as well, this type of user research can give you a more comprehensive qualitative result, which is essential to meet your customer’s needs.

Seeing more constructive answers are better than just having a yes or no answer. Focus group discussions (FGDs) can also give you better understanding of your product and your consumers.


Create New Strategies

What do you think of having strategic product improvements? Surely, having one will help, right?

In creating improvements, formulating good strategies to meet those goals are essential, and to get fresher and newer strategies, collecting honest insights is the best way to do it. In focus group research, you can use collected information from your session participants to create new effective strategies.

May it be strategies on marketing, website creation, or business – these can be made more effective through FGDs. Strategies might give answers to how you can create a more impactful product, a more efficient one, or a more appealing one. For businesses searching for ways to improve profitability, such strategies can lead you to have better digital transformation; services that could both benefit you and your audience.



As Haruki Murakami said in his book Norwegian Woods, “if you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking”, trusting only what can be read in quantitative surveys won’t be enough if you’re wanting to further establish a product worthy of your consumer’s time and money.

Hence, conducting focus group research can provide you with resources that are comprehensive and unique—those that can only be seen and felt through moderated FGDs. Such findings can help you get a clearer vision of what kind of improvements you can do for your products and services, which can benefit you more and your customers the most.

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