Further discoveries have led to a massive change not just to individuals, but also to the society. The demands of the growing population give birth to more and more services, thus increasing the digital spaces in the society. With changes in consumers’ behaviors come the need to address their needs from time to time. This also leads to a bulk of businesses starting their own journey in the industry and big ones taking up the chance to leverage their end as well. 

With this, it is typically ideal to look for more and more solutions to those needs in order to upgrade to a better living not just for users, but for businesses as well. As everyone may know, what the society demands, businesses most probably offer – same goes for what the businesses provide that clung into the liking of the mass, the mass will ask for it in return, may it be a product or service. 

Businesses, having the access, equipment and capacity to explore more of what digital transformation could offer, are fully aware of this certain digital product that has changed the way marketing and customer exchange are perceived – this is the mobile application, which is dominantly used across all countries in the last decade. 


What is Mobile App Development? 

Mobile app development is the process of optimizing mobile use and features with software programs and digital platforms that intends to give access to information and response to its users’ needs, specifically dedicated to mobile devices. These include voice translation apps, location-tracking apps, digital communication and assistance apps, and a whole lot more, which can be found in either Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems. 

 Mobile App Development - Mobile Apps Address Portability and Accessibility

Mobile Apps Address Portability and Accessibility  

Nowadays, the call to adjust web-based platforms for mobile ones boils down to one crucial factor: accessibility. Customers need easier access to representatives for inquiries, product details, booking—you name it, they’re looking for it! Mobile app development enables faster and more efficient interaction with users, as more and more people are finding it more convenient to use their phones for online services. 




Mobile App Development - UI and UX in Mobile App Development

UI and UX in Mobile App Development  

User experience is vital at every step of your customers’ interactions that starts with calling their attention right from the app store. We believe the user journey should suit the needs of your target audience, as our trusted researchers and designers carefully curate the colors, functions, buttons and details of your mobile app to meet your customers’ goals. As USER specializes in Agile development, your app’s growth becomes a continuous process as customer interactions change. 





Mobile App Development: The Process

User Research 

With USER, mobile app development starts by gathering as much information about your company’s values and your personal vision for the final product. We do this by conducting interviews with stakeholders, holding focus group discussions, sending out surveys, and setting one-on-one interviews with customers that fit the target demographic. This method of qualitative research allows us to consider the needs of your company and your target audience.  


Prototyping and Wireframing 

Following the reports gathered from the User Research phase, our team of UX/UI designers and prototype developers collaborate to produce mockups of the app or website. This starts by conducting an ideation workshop for brainstorming and freely sharing potential ideas for the project. The project structure, or information architecture, is then developed.  

From UX Design sketching/wireframing and programming/coding, comes production of mockups using tools such as Ionic, Alpha Anywhere, Xamarin, Appcelerator, Sencha. Here, our UX/UI designers and prototype leads use the results from the focus groups and ideation sessions to guide them in making the product.

Usability Testing 

Once the mockups have been completed, usability testing is performed with stakeholders from the client company. USER has their own laboratory and equipment for usability testing, fully equipped for performing heatmapping and eye-tracking procedures. 

From the findings, the designs can be refined to address issues and troubleshoot bugs found in the testing sessions. The expected output at the end of this phase is a set of design guidelines to be followed and implemented for the final output. 

The design guidelines also act as the foundation for future enhancements and website updates. Once the final website has been launched, these guidelines ensure that the overall structure of the site stays in place throughout maintenance checks. 


Mobile App Development: An Approach to Success 

Empathy in Mobile App Development 

USER operates on the deep belief that the clients’ needs come first in every step of the design process. For this reason, our hired team of researchers and designers are equipped with backgrounds in art and psychology to be able to effectively process an incredible user/consumer journey in the apps that we build.

As a mobile app development company in Singapore, we treat every project as a story. It is essential for us to produce work that inspires your customers and helps them achieve their goals.

Our team of experts were chosen to carefully consider empathy towards users. Those who can imagine or envision the significance that runs on convenience and easy navigation to be able to fulfill the purpose of shaping the future of businesses and users through user experience in web and mobile apps. We believe in the power of putting one’s shoes in the shoes of another to practically incorporate a well-woven mobile experience for all classes and races.


Mobile App Features and Functionality 

With a proven and established name amongst all mobile app development companies, we have molded our own strategies and discovered our own plan on how to make mobile apps more customized or personalized. With these means, we are able to keep track of the users’ needs and how we could identify or determine what gratifies them mentally and emotionally.

Some cutting-edge technologies have made complexities easy to foresee and resolve. Applications with artificial intelligence, augmented and visual reality, and other special features have made the experience exciting enough in the eyes of the users, but more importantly, it is the functionality that retains them in our crowd. Although we can build apps that can multi-task or make almost everything possible, we always cling to the belief that functions make our needs response mission a success.

In USER, we uphold quality over quantity  functionality of features over number of app capabilities. It is not always the features that captures the attention of users and eventually retain them. We won’t sacrifice the purpose and functionality of your app for some added features that complicates the whole journey!


Cross-Platform Mobile Applications 

As part of our mission for inclusivity, USER has maintained a promise to make information accessible to all. We are knowledgeable and capable in using programming tools that efficiently works across all platforms. Worrying on how you could make mobile marketing possible and easy? 

We, USER attunes apps for both iOS and Android, and can even run on web with various operating systems and versionsWe see this as a systematic approach that paves the way for a proven increased revenue for both the agency and its client. 

The need for mobile applications that could run on all types of mobile phones, PCs and laptops is significantly increasing. As a UX/UI and app developer, we are responsible for the convenience of the users, regardless of whatever device they use – that app is available for them to consume.


Mobile App Development in the Business Industry 

It makes sense for startups and businesses to take interest in mobile app development. Why?

According to quoracreative.com, The Asia Pacific population ranked the highest in mobile users in 2019. Globally, 62% of internet users access the internet from their phones. This makes opportunities for mobile development infinite. And ever since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we rely on apps and online services now more than ever.

Digital transformation has brought a significant impact to all industries, regardless of business size and service. Even start-ups have already begun to cope through converting its operations to digital. Most likely, if one won’t transform its business to digital, or consider upgrading its services and operations to digital, that business won’t thrive as quick as possible in this day and age. The business solution? Still, mobile app development.

As mobile apps have already started dominating the digital spaces, businesses projected the possibility of maximizing the capacity of this digital product for its one-stop-shop feature, especially in the eCommerce industry. With mobile apps functioning as solutions to daily business ventures and to get along with their digital journey, it has become brands’ channels to raise awareness for the brand, to drive consumption, and/or to boost brand name across all platforms.


Catered Industries of USER’s Mobile App Development 

The domino effect of this digital transformation would become more and more evident in the long run. Not only it has helped businesses reach out to their consumers, it has also extended its influence to the business operations, specifically on production and systems management.

With that, USER has developed mobile apps for various industries that cater to both customer relationship and general operations. These industries include education, healthcare, government, finance and banking, energy, property, food and beverage, eCommerce, etc… This pioneering mobile app development company in Singapore have already produced apps that suffice the needs of users and generate sales for businesses that made its mark in the industry it caters, such as E-Learning Apps, Big Data Analysis Apps, Smart Home Remote Apps, and a whole lot more.



Be part of our access to change! Let us help you transform your business through mobile and web applications.

Together, let’s build rapport with your consumers – our users! 


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