Running a healthcare business has become more complicated nowadays. Due to the heavy demand to improve patients’ conditions, boost preventive treatments, and decrease physician workloads, the need for digital transformation in healthcare systems also intensifies.

However, choosing which of the emerging technologies to include when investing in digital transformation services for a healthcare system can be quite challenging. To help healthcare providers decide, it is best to understand the concept of digital transformation in this industry first and where it lies at the moment.


Digital Transformation and Healthcare: The Basics

Experts in digital transformation consulting describe their services as helping businesses embrace the latest digital technologies to improve or change the processes used in their organization. Since the value of the healthcare industry is expected to reach $210 billion by the year 2025, it is necessary to ensure that modernization and digitalization are properly implemented to keep up with the customers’ current demands.

Some of the most common examples of processes that digital transformation strategy consulting agencies can provide to their healthcare industry clients include:

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry depends on each country, healthcare system, hospital, institution, and the workforce. It also depends on the role that digital transformation will play for the system and regulations set by the government for their country’s comprehensive digital transformation strategy.


Why Implement Digital Transformation

There are plenty of reasons why businesses must invest wisely in digital transformation services as it would benefit the healthcare industry greatly. Health centers everywhere face more patients every day, which requires them to adopt strategies and solutions that offer faster and more in-depth patient care. It will help prevent major lapses in gathering patient records and data.

If healthcare facilities implement digitalization in their workplace, they can achieve the following perks:



Major Trends in Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

There are several emerging trends that most companies in healthcare prefer nowadays. It includes:

On-demand Healthcare

Because of their hectic schedules, patients no longer have the time and patience to wait in line for hours to see a doctor. They want immediate services as soon as a symptom manifests. Therefore, healthcare facilities are highly encouraged to use digital platforms to address this demand. These organizations can develop a healthcare solution that works well on smartphones and other mobile devices.

With on-demand healthcare solutions, businesses in the industry can lower their healthcare and hospitalization spending, improve their interaction with the patients, and significantly reduce the long paperwork process.


Wearable Devices for Medical Use

Wearable technology already took the world by storm over the past decade. Smartwatches can help wearers track the number of calories they burn, even during sedentary activities like sleeping or eating. Wearables can also help patients monitor and observe their health conditions anytime.

Creating wearables that offer exceptional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is essential to all markets – from patients to health-conscious people. Healthcare facilities can draw inspiration from popular websites and apps such as the updated Amazon UI design for their Fire TV as it can lead to more innovative ideas in the future.



The healthcare industry has to adopt the ongoing changes in digital technology to stay afloat and keep up with the patients’ needs. It is one of the reasons why investing in digital transformation should be made a part of a healthcare facility’s priorities.

If you are running a healthcare-related business, it would do good to transform your business digitally and receive the newest benefits healthcare can get from the latest innovations. You may reach out to User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) to help you develop and implement a digital transformation plan. Our years of experience can help your company reach its optimum potential. Contact us right away to get your project started.