How to Conduct User Experience Research: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Conduct User Experience Research: A Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide on How to Conduct User Experience Research

User research has been identified to be one of the most important items to consider in business, especially ones that sell products and services. As this makes your digital product more usable, it also keeps you ahead of other possible features one could add to the total experience and design.

UX Research – The Definition

User experience research is one of the most essential parts of the UI and UX design process. It consists of product/service evaluation done through research with a potential customer. It often takes place on one-on-one interviews that are conducted face-to-face by a qualified UX researcher or moderator. This user testing method enables profound information to be gained from your users’ patterns of behavior, preferences and opinions. Feedbacks gathered shall then be studied and discussed, to be implemented to the design and development process.

Is User Experience Consulting Important?

Is User Research Important to Businesses

Conducting this type of research allows you to prevent future redesign costs as it helps you launch a user-friendly product. You’ll learn the best practices from trying things, and seeing what worked and what didn’t. You can’t read a list of best practices and then automatically understand how to apply them in a real situation instantly. It’s something that you should improve and practice over time – and part of that is just doing a lot of user and usability research.

Increase your Sales

Whether you’re launching an e-commerce web app or local business website, there is a common denominator for those that go through regular user testing. They are projected to be more successful–they even experience higher and faster growth. Also, the business works better as a whole because each member of the team of researchers, designers and developers understand the target group of users, their behavior, etc…

Test Everything

If you have a new project that doesn’t ring a bell on your customers, all the more reason one must must go through user research and testing.

The sooner you get this insight the better! Showing them a user-friendly wireframe, or better yet an actual web page helps to communicate ideas more clearly and get better feedback. You can use UX tools like Google Hangouts to present how your website can interact with new features. Test everything with your target users.

Ready for Improvements

Creative work requires trying out different ideas, and the ability to pull off those concepts begets success. People need to feel that it’s okay if they don’t like something, and no one will be upset if they have suggestions. This means being willing to try, fail, and change ideas is part of the process and probably the most vital one. Identify the key issues, the strengths, and opportunities for further enhancement.

When it comes to digital experiences, users are fond of being able to do things as quickly as possible. If a website is difficult to use, people leave instantly. User experience is an essential thing to look at for your website and doing user research and testing is the solution to ensure your costumers comes back with a positive feedback because of the engaging user experience, which in return, will create newer and produce more prospect customers.


Starting your UX design research for a more successful web or mobile app development can seem daunting, but if your strategy is smart and feasible, you can get immeasurable feedback to improve your product furthermore. Make sure your projects include this type of research from now on.