Nowadays, more and more companies are recognising the value of working with highly skilled user experience (UX) designers. This necessity became even more apparent after Google rolled out the page experience update, which highlights the Core Web Vitals ranking factor. However, since current technology trends exposed customers to endless sources of information at their fingertips, retaining user attention became problematic.

In Asia, fast-rising start-ups and even global brands are turning to Singapore where many of the Southeast Asian region’s best digital solutions providers can be found. This is why hiring the best UX designer Singapore has to offer has become an extremely challenging task.

With thousands of UX designers you can work with who are readily available, choosing one requires thorough evaluation. After all, you want to get your money’s worth. If your company needs the best UX application designer to ensure that you comply with Google’s page experience update, here are several considerations to keep in mind.


What is a UX Designer?


Before looking for your company’s new UX designer, you need to understand what one does and how they can contribute to your business’ success.

Generally, UX designers do not only design the company’s user experience deliverables. They must also find a way to explain the details about the product and understand how users feel about it. The ideal UX designer understands that there’s no single right or wrong way to solve an issue. They also need to be creative in searching for ways to address particular user problems and create a purposeful user experience.

Some of the approaches that the best UX designers can incorporate in their tasks vary. They can either solve highly technical issues, present better website navigation, or discover and work around user behaviour complexities. Since the task of a UX designer can be demanding and complicated, the right candidate for the job must possess a problem-solving mindset combined with this necessary skill-set:


Ability to Collaborate for Design Input


Knows Excellent Prototyping Skills


Essential Factors to Consider in a UX Designer



Once you are ready to hire the right UX designer for your company, take note of exemplary traits that will contribute to the success of your business. Take a look at some of the traits that will convince you that this “person” is the best one for the job.


#1: An expert in explaining things they do and how a product works

Ask the aspiring UX designer some basic questions to analyse how the person composes his/her answer. Ideally, the best UX designer must be able to convey information in the most efficient way possible.

A good example of a well-structured answer must display a particular hierarchy, including the general explanation, a more detailed description, and closing details. On the other hand, if the person’s explanation is composed of fleeting ideas such as discussing one detail to another, it may signify that their UX work approach is also disorganised. Try other testing methods to see how well the applicant can plan and express how to execute it, as these skills will be important when communicating with other team members.


#2: Look into the applicant’s Sketch files

Every UX designer, including any Android UI designer, believes that Sketch is essential for their craft. This app is a third-party design tool that helps create the best website and UI design. There may be other apps for the same purpose, so you should consider which one the applicant uses.

If the UX designer applicants show their Sketch portfolio during the interview, you need to take a look at some crucial details:

How they organise item levels and folders

How they display consistency in naming and arranging elements

How they set a specific standard in using text styles and symbols

How they follow the standard spacing convention or if they put a space between the elements of the layout based on what looks great

Though somewhat specific, taking a look at how they organised or named their Sketch files may also showcase their attitude when it comes to executing tasks.


#3: Curiosity about your products and services

If you hire a UX designer, that person must work on your product according to schedule. It will be best to hire a person who is genuinely curious about your brand and the products or services you offer.

With the person eager to know more about your company and how it operates, they will have a clearer idea on how to best design and provide the best solutions that your business needs. In turn, customers will see how their work reflects on the products you produce, and will give positive feedback for great user experience.



Hiring the right UX designer can do so many good things for your company and not just in terms of user-centred design. From optimising development time and costs to increasing customer loyalty and acquisition, there are plenty of benefits that these designers can do in your web or mobile app development projects and so on. If you want to hire the best UX design team in Singapore, you may reach out to USER for these services.

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