Top Reasons Government-owned Websites Need User Experience Consulting

Top Reasons Government-owned Websites Need User Experience Consulting

When it comes to people's needs, a little more UX can make things better.

When it comes to people's needs, a little more UX can make things better.

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People don’t usually visit government websites, but when they do, many have a common experience of how they’ve struggled to use these sites. Regardless of country, citizens visit these sites to apply for government-issued IDs, file taxes or look for specific government-related information.

However, many government websites, especially in developing countries, are either difficult to navigate or keep on crashing. As governments transition to digitising their information, more of them turn to user experience consulting to improve their services.

Some reasons why these sites perform badly are due to their outdated tech systems, most of which were made years ago when people rarely used the Internet. Unlike modern organisations and businesses, some government agencies don’t have a dedicated team to maintain their websites. Two of the foremost reasons for this are that first, government websites don’t have “competition” unlike businesses and that some also slip through quality checks by higher authorities – which convinces some agencies to think they don’t invest in digital transformation.


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Granting People Better Accessibility to Government Services

Many activities people usually do have transitioned online, including government transactions. As more government agencies and partners open up their online “offices,” public servants discover how important UX is in affecting public satisfaction, but also the efficiency of how they deliver government services. That’s why many government agencies hire digital solutions providers to improve their website performance through user experience services.

Government websites serve as a communication and service platform for authorities to their people. Accessibility is an important factor to increase the efficiency of governance as it gives people more opportunities to interact and avail of government-provided services.

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It’s important for a government to have a system that can service people with disabilities and the elderly. Going to government offices is already hard for them which means online accessibility should be hassle-free. Consulting with a user experience expert will help them plan the necessary development needed for their website. It will ensure that all information is communicated properly, and all its users can comfortably navigate their platform through user-friendly and inclusive designs.


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Good UX Means Good Governance

The image of a government doing its best to serve people and a poorly-performing website doesn’t line up. By investing in UX services from a reputable user experience design agency, governments prove their dedication to good governance and will benefit both its users and itself. A good user experience builds a good reputation. Just like any other website, a poorly-designed one affects a brand’s image. In this scenario, improving website performance means the government is doing their best to bring more benefits to its constituents, such as healthcare, legal assistance, financial assistance, and other services.

What it really needs is to have a quality user experience which means a site should be simple, accessible, and comfortable to use.

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