Dubbed as the “City-state,” Singapore is one of the world’s smallest countries. But what it lacks in land area or population, it makes up in technological and political superiority. Standing today as a digital innovation pillar in Southeast Asia, Singapore has some of the region’s best in terms of tech – from internet connection speeds to advanced tech knowledge. As a result, the average UI UX designer in Singapore is a breed apart from the rest.


UI UX Design Singapore: What the City-State is Doing Right


On the Wings of Science and Technology

To give a bit of background, Singapore was a British colony for most of its early history. As a part of the British Empire, it primarily served important trade routes for Chinese and European barters. Modern Singapore, however, was founded in the 20th century after establishing full self-governance in 1959.

Immediately after, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR), and Science Council of Singapore were established in the late 1960s and set strong foundations for the country’s technological growth.

Fast forward to the 1990s, the Singapore National Masterplans were created (Reuben, Wong & Lim, 2018). These six plans spanning a 25-year period included a national growth agenda driven by extensive scientific research and development with the government in firm control of technological direction, regulations, and initiatives of the country.


On the Wings of Science and Technology


The Dawn of Innovation and UX Design

In the years of its economic growth advanced by technology, Singapore sped ahead of its Asian counterparts as a digital transformation center by providing a conducive cultural environment and incentives to digital innovations. It established a healthy competition among private information technology (IT) service providers by encouraging the production of digital creations.

With this, the country created a productive environment that propagated user-centred philosophies a defining characteristic for relevance and advantage in the digital industry. Not surprisingly, the UI UX designer became a cornerstone for developing high-quality digital products.

As a melting pot of diverse ethnicity, cultures, religions, and languages, Singapore provides a natural context of inclusivity and adaptability. This translated to harmonious practices and aptitude among its IT workers that reflect in simple tasks such as creating web design elements.


The Dawn of Innovation and UX Design


User-Centred Design Culture and Government

The thread of human-centred design in Singapore runs across the fabric of its digital industry. Singapore web design agencies are renowned not only for their user-friendly approach to product builds but also for their impressive flexibility and disciplined management practices.

Web apps and other digital interfaces designed by Singapore companies are almost generally responsive, custom-built, and addresses both corporate needs and end-users. Technological innovations produced by UX design companies in Singapore are also more advanced than neighbouring countries in terms of integrating new technologies, platforms, and services.

Much of this human-centred value emanates from the same user-centred philosophy of governance in Singapore.

For instance, the Ministry of Manpower’s Employment Pass Service Center, one of the first service facilities built around user-centred design, cut wait time from 4 hours to 15 minutes. They created an appointment system that notified clients of application outcomes so customers need not crowd together in the centre. The Singapore government also developed the Design Experience Lab where designers can interact with users while testing a prototype product.


Making the Most of Singapore’s Tech Edge

Built upon a long history of commercial, industrial and economic success, Singapore’s geography, governance and business environment has made it an epicentre of technological innovation in Asia and the world.

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