Website and mobile application development have become almost synonymousas their popularity continues to rise. Generally, working in a web or mobile app development company involves complex processes, some shared across different fields, to make digital solutions work.

However, the devil is in the details. The two fields differ in terms of very specific challenges, opportunities, competencies, learning directions, and problem-solving approaches.


Web and Mobile App Development as Distinct Trades


Website Development Competencies and Types

Website development activities like web design refer to planning, designing, and testing activities aimed at making web applications and websites useful and effective. This usually entails making websites highly interactive and user-friendly using various tools, layouts, and design schemes.

There are at least three types of web development roles in which some cases are done independently by different individuals or groups, while others are integrated by an agency or service provider.Front-end web development refers to the design and development of the client-side or public interface of a web app or website. Front-end developers must be competent not only with programming but must be sensitive to user needs for convenience and their aesthetic preferences.

Back-end development, on the other hand, refers to the design and development of the server-side of a website or web app, which may include database functions and processing of information received from users or customers. Back-end developers must be knowledgeable with various programming languages and data architecture. They must also be analytical and patient in validating and fixing bugs or problems in the code. In some cases, they must also be adept in doing market or usability testing.

Lastly, full-stack web development refers to the integration of both interface and server-side development. This means full stack developers must have the competency of both front and back-end developers.


Website Development Competencies and Types


Mobile Application Development Skills and Challenges

Mobile app development refers to the design and development of applications specifically for mobile devices and related technologies.

Mobile app developers usually work with mobile-optimized programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C. One of their main concerns is improving the desirability and functionality of apps by creating a great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) or UI UX design. This is often done with the help of a reliable UI UX company. Compared to web development, mobile app development is relatively easier since there are now readily available developer tools, asset libraries, and software development kits (SDKs), which can serve as templates.

However, mobile app developers must also be aware of some difficulties in working with native applications and possible compatibility issues. Since mobile apps are installed in different platforms like iOS and Android, there are various compatibility needs that may need addressing by app developers.


Mobile Application Development Skills and Challenges


Employment and Careers Opportunities

Both web and mobile application developers are in high demand as digital is currently the mainstream environment for businesses and many organizations.

For web development services, Singapore and other tech-focused nations become IT outsourcing pools. Web developers are key personnel in the IT departments of large corporations, tasked with maintaining their customer-facing platforms as well as corporate digital applications and tools. Mobile app developers have similarly great career potentials with their web development peers. The increasing popularity of e-commerce platforms in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have increased the demand for their skills, as well as their pay grade.

In particular, iOS developers are paid slightly higher than web or Android mobile app developers since there are fewer experts and professionals for Apple’s OS.


The Right Company

With the surging demand for web and mobile app development services, tech talents proficient in either field are enjoying great opportunities. Companies, both big and small, are now hiring in-house web and mobile app developers for their particular needs, but most are more confident in partnering with a digital solutions agency instead.Companies like User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER), a web and mobile app development company in Singapore, provide excellent web and mobile app development services with their in-house talents.

Knowing the difference between their roles and skills, we at USER can deliver tailor-fit solutions to the platform our client requests us to work on, whether it’s web or mobile. For more information about USER and our services, visit