Innovative and ground-breaking technologies continuously emerge in the workplace, even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows businesses to transform and survive tough competition. But when the dreaded virus wreaked havoc all over the world, companies needed to step up their game and invest in digital transformation consulting services to incorporate the latest innovations in the digital world.

According to the Digital Transformation Index 2020 by Dell Technologies, 80% of businesses have expedited some digital transformation programs for their company since the outbreak of the pandemic. Some of the reasons they chose to accelerate their digital transformation programmes include boosting their cybersecurity defences, improving their remote/work-from-home capabilities, and re-establishing the way they deliver digital experiences to their customers and workforce.

If your company has yet to decide to include digital transformation services in your business plans, these reasons may convince you of the advantages you can enjoy.


Helps Make Employees More Efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to suspend onsite work indefinitely in 2020. Since the number of people getting sick from the virus remains unpredictable at the start of 2022, some companies have considered keeping the work-from-home setup as a permanent option for some cases. This decision requires employers to achieve productivity improvements through digital transformation strategies.

Focusing more on employee welfare is one of the reasons why the pandemic inadvertently sped up the development of digital transformation. The company’s decision-makers must look for ways to retain talent.


Improves Corporate Cybersecurity

One of the biggest concerns of every company during trying times is ensuring the security of all their data, such as using a distributed IT architecture called edge computing. However, this task can get more complicated since it requires meticulous enforcement around data to prevent cyber attacks.

It’s crucial to develop a comprehensive security strategy for all networks, data silos, and applications used by businesses. Consulting with a digital transformation expert can help you keep abreast of the latest trends in both security vulnerabilities and protection measures. Moreover, it should work properly in both a remote working setup and a hybrid workplace if you plan to move in that direction in 2022 and beyond.


Make More Feasible Decisions in an Instant

Prioritising data and analytics in any digital transformation plan will help your business maximise the advantages of insight extracted from big data. In addition, the continuous growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile app development allows companies to gain more access to higher volumes of data by having more touch points with their market.

By using the most appropriate analytical tools, you can use the generated data into valuable insights you can use to make informed decisions faster. You may consult a digital transformation agency to monitor and suggest trends like virtual and augmented reality technologies to move in the right direction and jumpstart ground-breaking initiatives for your business.


What Can a Digital Transformation Agency Do for Your Business?

Digital transformation consultants can help businesses and other institutions unlock new value for their market. Digital transformation services can help bring your products and services to the public or business clients faster and more efficiently.

Some of the basic functions include assessing customer needs and wants, creating strategies based on digital solutions, and guiding businesses to adapt to new digital transformation innovations. These professionals also help your company during the implementation stage to ensure you enjoy the benefits of your initiatives.



Embracing digital transformation is one of the most necessary strategies to survive today’s challenging business landscape. Therefore, you need to develop the best ways to cleverly incorporate digital transformation to assist your company’s enormous data initiatives to be on top of your industry.

The most intelligent way to take advantage of this move is to look for digital transformation strategy consulting experts to provide the best insights. These professionals know all the latest techniques and developments that can world in any field.

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